About Us

At Speedy5k.com we make quick cash accessible to consumers with various financial backgrounds. We make lending convenient, fast and efficient. Imagine applying for cash online and receiving funds in your bank account in one business day! At Speedy5k.com, you can reach multiple lenders by completing just one online form.

Our Lender Network

We have built an extensive lender network to get our customers competitive loan offers. Our goal is to match borrowers with lenders who are ready to provide funding up to $5,000. Just answer a few short questions and tell us how much you need.

No Credit or Bad Credit Loans

Borrowers with no credit or bad credit are typically at a disadvantage, with lack of access to funding. At Speedy5k.com, we want to make funding available to consumers with a wide range of credit backgrounds. We understand that it takes time to build good credit and mistakes happen. You should not be denied funding for emergency expenses.

Loan Offers

You are not obligated to accept any loan offer sent to you, and there is no penalty if you decline an offer. If you accept a loan offer from one of the lenders we partner with, you will be asked to provide your electronic signature in order to receive funding. Your online loan application is completely confidential.

With Speedy5k.com you can borrow up to $5,000 when you need it. Start your personal loan application now.